colourful colorado

tax season, and our inevitable one-income-to-cover-the-cost-of-living-for-three-people return, is a highlight each year in our home. unfortunately, we tend to blow through the return crazy quick. and by tend to, i mean we always do. each year, without fail, in only a matter of months, every last penny of that wonderful little check has been spent … Continue reading colourful colorado

half a decade

before we start, i should tell you — i think my sappy birthday post stocks may be depleted. either that, or the changes and challenges age five has produced have left too bitter a taste in my mouth for it to speak as sweetly as it ordinarily does around this time of the year. but … Continue reading half a decade

fantastic beasts

when your mother has been a potterhead (a term i’ve strangely never felt comfortable using, but it sure beats saying something as boring as “a harry potterĀ fan,” y’know?) since the ’98 united states release of the series, your childhood is bound to involve a bit of magic. okay, a lot of magic. okay, they’re the … Continue reading fantastic beasts