colourful colorado

tax season, and our inevitable one-income-to-cover-the-cost-of-living-for-three-people return, is a highlight each year in our home. unfortunately, we tend to blow through the return crazy quick. and by tend to, i mean we always do. each year, without fail, in only a matter of months, every last penny of that wonderful little check has been spent … Continue reading colourful colorado

grandma date

since conquering my fear of taking the written portion of the driver’s test, and obtaining my license (okay, it’s a learner’s permit) in order to be able to help ashleigh make the drive to and from columbus this past january, i had almost forgotten i was now able to drive myself around — with a … Continue reading grandma date


still feeling rather brave from my recent breakdown-free, out-of-state, child-less adventure, i jumped at the opportunity to see mobley — an austin-based artist recommended to me a while back by (you guessed it!) my go-to music guy, steve/n — perform here in town. invited shelby along. ordered two boulevards for me, two whiskey gingers for … Continue reading mobley