colourful colorado

tax season, and our inevitable one-income-to-cover-the-cost-of-living-for-three-people return, is a highlight each year in our home. unfortunately, we tend to blow through the return crazy quick. and by tend to, i mean we always do. each year, without fail, in only a matter of months, every last penny of that wonderful little check has been spent … Continue reading colourful colorado

half a decade

before we start, i should tell you — i think my sappy birthday post stocks may be depleted. either that, or the changes and challenges age five has produced have left too bitter a taste in my mouth for it to speak as sweetly as it ordinarily does around this time of the year. but … Continue reading half a decade

the littlun turns four

at 6:23 pm, my baby, my one and only, turns four. FOUR. that means he’s six years away from ten. fourteen away from eighteen. seventeen away from — aaand you get the idea. naturally, i’m feeling rather emotional about the occasion. the days of toddlerhood are nearly behind us, and the proper “little kid” stage is about to begin, but i often still feel as … Continue reading the littlun turns four

a letter to liam

to my darling boy, today, you turn 3. how did that happen? weren’t you just born? wasn’t it just the other day you were waking at night for milk, babbling in baby-speak, learning how to crawl? the truth is — as much as it pains me to say — while you may still enjoy being cradled and … Continue reading a letter to liam