tall man’s 27th

today, my tall man turns 27. i’m always thankful when this day of the year comes around. aaron’s existence, and consequently his birth, is something i celebrate daily.

last night, we searched our closets for the collection of handwritten love letters i have given him over the years. there were details of our story that had begun to fade from my memory, and i instantly felt grateful aaron had kept my words safe, so we could relive the initial spark of our new relationship again and again.

the first birthday letter i wrote my husband was 4 years ago today. i remember taking a seat at my go-to coffee shop, shaking like mad from the overindulgence in caffeine, scribbling in my journal about how he had become my favourite person and how i sometimes felt as though we were in some wonderful film i would hate not to finish, anticipating our unknown ending with the curiosity of a child. we weren’t exactly together at that point, but i loved him with all my heart.

fortunately, i didn’t scare him off (too much). he let me stick around and, well, you know the rest.

the apathetic, indecisive, pot-smoking guy aaron was when we met seems a lifetime away.

he is now a man who isn’t afraid to be affectionate, and who loves unconditionally. a man who shows immense patience and compassion, and who is a constant source of comfort and support. a man who works hard every day to provide for us but still somehow manages to find the energy to come home enthusiastic, eager to play with our beautiful boy.

i couldn’t be more proud of the man aaron has become… the man i always knew he could be.

this afternoon, aaron interviewed for a position back home in kansas city, and we crossed every finger. but even if the news isn’t what we had hoped, and we’re back to square one, i know we’ll figure it out. we have each other, and that’s all we need.

…but, y’know, i wouldn’t say no to a way back.


happy birthday, my darlin’. so honoured to be spending the next 50+ right by your side.

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