kansas city, here we come

tried as we might to be calm and just soak up the last moments we had together before the work week separated us, we spent (far too much of) the weekend bursting with anxiety — equal parts eager and terrified to hear the news about aaron’s recent interview.

after having been let down just a few weeks prior with another position, we prepared for the worst while (silently) hoping for the best.

at 12:21 pm, aaron’s phone rang.

“you are a great candidate, but -“

no. it’s a no. we’re back to square one.

“not for the site you applied at. you’re better than that. i want to move you up here as an assistant transitioning into an account manager. five sites will be opening up at the start of the second quarter, and you would have your pick of the litter.”

yes! it’s a yes! it’s not what we had expected, but it has the potential to be so much better.

if you told me five years ago that i would be happy to return to the midwest after finally escaping, i would’ve (rudely) laughed (in your face). i spent most, if not all, of my upbringing longing to get out and never ever look back – but after the financial stress of an increased cost of living (thanks, dallas), nothing sounds better than returning “home.”

the familiarity that once suffocated me would be a welcome change – the flat stretches of land and big open skies, the midwestern manners everyone has, and always running into someone you know at the store.

maybe, just maybe, kansas city is not so bad after all — it’s where i was born; it’s where i was raised; it’s where i made my closest friends; it’s where i fell in love; it’s where i gave birth; it’s where i became the woman i am today. for all the hate i’ve given it over the years, it sure has given me quite a bit to be grateful for. without it, i wouldn’t be with my husband, and we wouldn’t have our darling boy. we were brought together for a reason, and i know god has a plan for our family.

i couldn’t be more proud of my sweet husband. he’s juggled the stress of moving to a brand new state away from our friends and families, starting his first official management job managing multiple high-volume sites, and keeping a roof over our head and food on the table; he has been the most wonderfully loving and playful papa to our little liam, and has given it his all to find us a way back “home.” we have so much to celebrate and be thankful for.

and now, to begin packing everything up. oh, i didn’t miss this part one bit.

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