lee fields & the expressions

i’m not sure i’ve ever clicked “buy” on anything as quick as i did these tickets. lee fields. here. in kansas city. not one mile from our home. i don’t think i even stopped to check the price, or the date, to make sure it was do-able for us. it was just gonna have to work, y’know? i mean, it’s lee fields. lee. fields. lucky for us, our bank account wasn’t negative, and my more-than-happy-to-babysit parents live a mere four blocks away. in other words, it worked.

every member of the opening band, a local group called hi-lüx, was phenomenal — but the stage presence of their vocalist, julie haile, was just unreal. then, when it came time for lee & the expressions to take their places on the stage, i was almost certain i had died and gone to heaven (or to the 60s). at times, it was a legitimate out-of-body experience — that’s how extraordinary he and his band are. being there, standing at the foot of the stage (you’re damn right we showed up an hour early to secure our spots) arm in arm with my love, having lee sing and gesture directly to us (and even reach out and touch our hands at one point where i thought i’d surely faint) — it was magic.

absolute magic.

and then meeting him, asking for a photo, and having him sign the records we bought after the show? well, it’s a wonder i didn’t melt into mush.

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