12 dates of christmas (#6)

perhaps if you’re a parent who is rich (or emotionally stable), frequent dates are the norm for you. but for those of us who don’t have extra funds to spend on sitters, and instead rely on free help from family when they’re available (or for those of us who just aren’t quite ready yet to be away from their tiny human for long stretches of time on a regular basis), dates are few and far between. sometimes you’ll luck out and have a more than one in the period of a month. sometimes you’re won’t, and it’s more like once every half a year or so.

but seeing as christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, as cliché as it is to say, and our anniversary falls just before it, i made it my goal to figure out a way to fit in t w e l v e whole dates in the days leading up to the big day. of course, when you’re gonna have twelve dates in twelve days, some aren’t going to require you go overboard with the dressing-up and the going-out and the spending-money. we had plenty of dates planned right here at home, where we’d just watch a film or cook supper together — without interruptions from the tiny human. and speaking of, some dates planned even included him.

this one though, date number six? the one where winter graced us with her elusive, snowy magic? this one was my favourite. it was simple, and it was short; we had spent all day at home, and only went out just before bedtime, so time was limited. but there was snow, and there was beer, and there was bruschetta. there was decorating the christmas tree, and there was our new cat, and there was him.

it was everything.

(did i mention it snowed?)


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