a twenty-first century car

i suppose it’s inevitable that when you work in the valet industry for over half a decade, and you come into contact with some more-expensive-than-a-house, f a n c y as f r i c k cars, you’re bound to eventually want a nicer-than-you-currently-have car. you might not pine for the $265k+ mclaren f1 or the $200k lamorghini gallardo or the $190k porsche 911 turbo you drove (okay, let’s be real, you’ll probably pine for those), but the idea of actually owning something from the century you’re in begins to sound a bit too tempting to resist.

we had talked about it before, buying a new-to-us, twenty-first century car, but that’s all it ever was. just talk. we had never set up any appointments to go for a test drive, or checked to see what sort of loan we might quality for. but then last night, a notification popped up on aaron’s phone. someone posted a 2012 ford focus for sale on our local swap & shop. it was a good $3k+ cheaper than most we had seen of that year, model, and make. something had to be wrong with it, right? wrong.

turns out the guy who listed it made an error while posting (which his boss naturally roasted him for), but they honoured the listed price like gentlemen, so we signed the papers and we brought her on home, because we would have been out of our minds to pass up such an opportunity.

and now my fancy-car-parking husband can finally leave the 90s behind and step into the future. ish.


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