it’s okay

twisting the top off my bottle of vitamins, and shaking a big, smelly prenatal-like pill into the palm of my hand this morning, i thought about the hell that was pregnancy to me (and the heaven it seems to be to so many others). something occurred to me — something hugely important that had somehow … Continue reading it’s okay

half a decade

before we start, i should tell you — i think my sappy birthday post stocks may be depleted. either that, or the changes and challenges age five has produced have left too bitter a taste in my mouth for it to speak as sweetly as it ordinarily does around this time of the year. but … Continue reading half a decade

a resolution

for being such a (self-proclaimed) lover of adventure, you’d think trying new things wouldn’t cause me debilitating distress. but since the very moment i embarked on my journey of motherhood, i have been stagnant. in almost every single aspect of my life, or at least as an individual (thankfully my stagnancy has yet to bleed over into who … Continue reading a resolution

our new normal

we are one week into aaron’s new job — into our new normal. i say “we” because the changes it has brought have greatly affected all three of us. we were quite spoiled by the hospital gig aaron started back in march; valet services are only offered monday through friday, so he never had to work weekends, … Continue reading our new normal