on 20/12/2012, in a small, intimate art gallery above a cosy little half bookstore, half coffee shop in the middle of a midwestern blizzard, i married my very best friend — and it was so much better than i could have imagined.

but (because there’s always a but) —

as with nearly everything we do, aaron and i put off writing our ceremony and our vows until the very last minute. i know. i’m quite ashamed, myself. you can’t see me now, but i’m scrunching my face up behind this screen. but, with a little help from caffeine (or was it adderall? or a bit of both? my memory of those hectic moments leading up to the wedding is a little fuzzy), aaron and i were awake, and at least mildly alert, until just before dawn both beginning and finishing perhaps the most important written work either of us will ever do in this lifetime.

full ceremony

disclaimer on the pronouncement: my surname is, in fact, still ross… because i’m one of those wild women who break with (certain) traditions, and because aaron is one of those wonderful men who support a woman’s choice.

…have i mentioned how much i love him for that? and for absolutely everything else? because i ought to — at every sunrise and at every sunset we are fortunate enough to share together, i ought to.

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