it had to be you

“i thought our story was epic, you know. you and me. spanning years and continents. lives ruined, bloodshed, epic.” it’s no secret we’ve had our ups and our downs — particularly our downs towards the beginning, when apathy and fear ruled your heart… and regrettably, by extension, mine. but when i sat on your lap in … Continue reading it had to be you

one and only

reproducing was not something i had planned for my life, but life seemed to have a different better plan for me. a little over three years ago, i became the proud mama of a beautiful baby boy who flipped my world upside down in the best possible way. before liam, my life’s ambition was to travel; … Continue reading one and only


there was once a time when liquid eyeliner and lipstick were two of my most faithful friends. i just wasn’t myself without a good winged eye and bold, red lip; it felt unnatural (and almost wrong) to go without it. there was once a time i put genuine effort into my appearance on a regular basis — not to … Continue reading ch-ch-changes