follow the yellow brick road

it was another pack-til-the-last-minute, stay-up-all-day-and-night, overdose-on-caffeine move, but it was wonderful (or at least more wonderful than the break-down-crying-on-the-side-of-the-road trip we had down to dallas). this time the journey was made easier with the help of aaron’s trusty old friend, adderall extended-release, and by the addition of angelo, his younger brother. the two quirky italians hadn’t seen each … Continue reading follow the yellow brick road

temporary texans

today marks one year of being temporary texans. after aaron accepted the position in dallas, we only had a week to pack up all our belongings and make the necessary arrangements to move our family 530 miles from “home.” our last day in kansas city was spent tying up all loose ends, dropping off our storage … Continue reading temporary texans

tall man’s 27th

today, my tall man turns 27. i’m always thankful when this day of the year comes around. aaron’s existence, and consequently his birth, is something i celebrate daily. last night, we searched our closets for the collection of handwritten love letters i have given him over the years. there were details of our story that had begun to … Continue reading tall man’s 27th

a new start

it’s been over two years since i’ve made the time to sit down and write. life — particularly the precious life aaron and i created — got in the way. the soundtrack i hear now as i write is not the same; i’ve traded my beloved frank sinatra and edith piaf for disney soundtracks and liam’s loud animal … Continue reading a new start